The Beautiful Islands of Croatia

One of the most exquisite ways to spend the summer is on a boat. The little seaside towns in Croatia are filled with culture and exceptional architecture. The water shimmers an idyllic blue and the motion of the boat is peaceful and tranquil. Chartering a yacht in Croatia is the perfect way to explore the Adriatic sea while enjoying the experience of island hopping. This is the way to sail into the sunset while making memories that will last a lifetime.

The Yacht Selection

There are a lot of considerations for choosing the right yacht. There are options for customizing the itinerary and for having an experienced skipper planning the navigation. A skipper is a sensational tour guide, knows the best places to go and is even familiar with the most incredible out of the way spots. They serve as a tour guide and have excellent ideas on what to do during the charter. A charter with a full crew provides the skipper, a hostess and a cook. The crew looks after the people on the boat, cooks delicious meals and takes care of the navigation. A yacht can be chartered for a large group of friends or more than one family. Either way, the experience will provide fun, excitement and relaxation.

The Sailing Routes

The majority of yacht charters begin or end in the cities of Dubrovnik or Split. Travelers should plan on taking the time to explore these incredible cities enriched with fascinating history. Split is in a more central location and is an excellent choice for avoiding the crowds by sailing to the north. This route encompasses the city of Zadar. This is where visitors will relish in the Roman ruins and old medieval churches. Dubrovnik is located in the south. Most of the yachts sail down the coastline to the islands and Split. The cityscapes of Dubrovnik are often recognized because they have been seen on HBO’s Game of Thrones. The route between Dubrovnik and Split is filled with islands making it incredibly popular for sailing. Vis Island is remote and a bit further out from Split. The hidden bays and secluded caves are enchanting.

Hvar Island

The route should include the busiest island in the region, Hvar Island. The nights are amazing and there is always the change of meeting someone rich and famous. The perfect place to enjoy the beach is Brac Island. Golden Horn Beach appears to have fallen right off a postcard. Visitors will enjoy snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and hiking. Mljet Island offers peace, quiet and a national park providing sparkling saltwater lakes and lush forests. The scenery and villages can be explored by hiring a bicycle. Everything begins by chartering a yacht.