Air travel has become the norm for people who want to travel from one place to another. Whether you want to go to another city or want to go on a trip to a whole other country, air travel is the first option that springs to mind. It’s relatively safe, and also saves a great deal of time. There are hundreds of different airline companies that facilitate customers on their journeys. But what if you can’t get the seats on time? What if the flight is delayed and you have to make it to your destination urgently?

Many companies also offer charter planes. A chartered plane is generally much smaller than a full airline, and is also more costly. Most people think that chartering a plane is going to cost them a fortune. That’s not true at all. In fact, many companies offer promotional discounts to their customers, thus reducing the private jet charter prices considerably. Now, if you are looking to charter a plane, here’s a brief guide to help you out:

Chartering a Plane

The first step is to find a company that offers charter jets to customers. One of the biggest companies in the UK is Prestige Jets. The company maintains a global network and offers access to more than 5,000 luxury private jets to their customers.  Some jets are small and designed for quick travel from one city to another. They are mostly geared towards businessmen who wish to attend meetings and are short of time.

If you are traveling with a larger group of people, a better option would be to charter a midsize business jet. They can accommodate up to 10-15 people. After that comes the super-midsize business jets, which can accommodate up to 20-25 people. Long range corporate jets are much bigger than other charter planes, and are mostly rented by companies that wish to take their employees on a trip. An even bigger option is the ultra-long-range executive jet, which has more than 40 seats. This is the biggest private jet that you can choose. However, companies such as Prestige Jets also offer VIP airliners, such as the Airbus 319 or the Boeing 737 or Boeing 757. These are full sized aircraft and can accommodate around 100 people or more. You need to select which plane is best suited to your needs. Private jet charter prices generally vary depending upon the size of the jet you choose.

Making a Booking

Once you have selected the plane, you need to make a booking. Ideally, it would be wise to book the plane at least two weeks before your trip. Many companies also offer discounts if you make a booking earlier. The company will give you a quote based on the destination as well as the type of the aircraft you choose. Once the booking has been completed and an advance amount has been paid, all you need to do is show up at the airport on time!