As winter approaches, ski season will soon arrive. And that means its time to start checking life prices, booking accommodations and pulling all your equipment out from storage. If you are ready to plan a fantastic ski trip, here are some tips and suggestions for gearing up and selecting your destination for this season.

There are some incredible ski spots all across the globe. So there are two ways to go about deciding on a destination: 1) pick a place you’ve always wanted to visit in the winter and then find the closest mountains, or 2) choose a ski resort that will fit your ability and provide the best runs as well as a bit of a challenge for you personally.


One of the premiere ski spots in the world is the state of Colorado. This mountainous terrain offers a number of fantastic resorts to choose from. Aspen Snowmass is group of four different resorts around Aspen, Colorado. These include:


•Aspen Mountain

•Aspen Highlands

•Buttermilk (home of the X Games and the world’s best pipe)

In the same state, you can find Vail Mountain Resort which is an absolutely enormous place with “Back Bowls” which “encompass 3,000 acres” and enough fresh powder to outlast over a million skiers each season. With so many mountains, a skiers and boarders can find an endless playground in Colorado’s mountains.


Voted the most chic winter destination in all of Italy by the Telegraph, Cortina welcomes skiers Famous for many decades, Cortina hosted the Olympic Games back in 1956 during the height of its glory as on of the greatest ski resorts on earth.

Today, it remains one of the oldest and most stylish resorts with over 50 quaint “rifugi” to welcome skiers. The rifugi, which literally means refuge, were originally built as little houses to shelter shepherds and hikers in the mountains. But today, they have been converted into cozy bars, restaurants and little hotels.

Booking Now

Many resorts and lodges offer discounted prices when purchasing accommodations and lift tickets preseason. This month is the perfect time to begin scheduling plans and purchasing tickets. If you are a regular skier who might be coming back or staying for several days, consider purchasing a season pass for the mountain.

Gearing Up

As you dream about fresh powder and cold air swooshing past, it is probably also time to climb up to the attic or visit your storage unit to pull out all of your equipment and run a diagnostics check. Make sure that your winter gear is intact and ready to go. Make sure your gloves are still thick and warm and that all your bindings work properly. You may also want to have the edges of your board or skis sharpened.

Another way to prepare is physically. Begin practicing squats and stretches to prepare your body for the elements. Endurance and strength are excellent skills to build during your pre-ski workouts.

With a world class destination picked out, your tickets purchased and your gear aired out and ready, you are ready for a fantastic ski trip this winter.