Are you planning to visit Canada soon for a holiday purpose? Then you have to shortlist the places which you have an interest to drop in. Well, there are several places to visit in Canada and at one go it is not possible to visit all the places.

But the first thing that you have to do is to apply for a visa. Even if you are going there for a holiday or on work purpose, there has to be a visa with you which will help you to enter the country. One has to apply for Canada holiday working visa if they are going for a work and at the same time visiting purpose.

Here are some places which one must visit when they are in Canada.

Spotted Lake, BC

This is believed to be a sacred lake and it is said that this place can heal one from mental and physical illness. The surface of this place has a series of coloured pools and in summer it turns into spots when the water evaporates. The spots that are seen are mainly white, yellow; blue and green depend on what minerals are present there. Most common minerals available there are sodium, magnesium and calcium. In fact, the magnesium sulphate present in the lake makes it hard and thus creates a long walking path on the spots.

Pingualuit Crater Lake, Northern Quebec

This lake looks like a huge gem stone. This lake is said to have the purest fresh water on earth. It has a jagged edged crater and it surrounds the lake. This was formed by a meteorite around 1.3 million years ago. This place is also a very popular one for camping during summers and winters. The place is quite remote, but once you reach this place, you will love it.

Mount Thor, Baffin Island,

Everyone knows that Thor is the God of thunder according to Norse mythology and this mountain is named after him. If you love rappelling, then this is the perfect place for you. This place offers you a perfect vertical; drop on earth at 1250 meters. This can be easily enjoyed by the amateurs who are not much into heights. The best time to go there is from mid-June to mid-August when there is the least chance of facing storms.

The Grand Gathering, Quebec

This place has more than 100 life sized stones and wooden figures which faces towards the St Lawrence River. They have tall and narrow bodies and they play light and shadow by making it look like a haunting place.

Spirit Sands, Manitoba

Here, one can find sand dunes and some lightning fast lizards, which are called skinks. There is also a delta which was originally formed in the Assiniboine River more than15000 years ago.

These are some unusual places to visit here. But for that,any type of visa like tourist, or permanent or holiday working visa for Canada is a must. Once visited, you are surely going to remember for your lifetime.