There are many locations in the world where you can go for your vacations such as the Pattaya. It is one of the best tourist cities located in Thailand. It is always filled with tourists in every location you go, there are various complicated routes for reaching certain places of interest and many other hassles that are associated with travelling there. There are many apps available for such purpose but then also the question arises “Which mobile apps can be useful during travelling?” In Pattaya, they can help you greatly. Listed below are some apps recommended according to different purposes that can be used while travelling in Pattaya:

For booking hotels and tickets: The app that is going to help you a lot in travelling to Pattaya is the Skyscanner. This is available for booking hotels and flights individually. Through this app you can book a trip to any country. This app also allows you comparison rates of different flights and also their particular timings. You can get the one booked according to your suitability. This works the same for the hotels also. You can get directly connected to the travel agent or the flight. You will not be irritated with any type of hidden fees with this app.

Making the stay comfortable: There are various apps available for the navigation but the best ever is Googlemaps. The comfort ability it offers while travelling cannot be compared to any other app. It covers nearly all the routes and roads of nearly every city of the world. You can be sure that you are never going to be lost in Pattaya with this app on your smart phone. It has everything from streets to the store fronts as well as it indicates the places of interest.  You can also share your location with your family and friends to get together at some particular place.