From boarding the plane earlier and more leg room to improved food and better service, the difference between flying economy and first class is night and day. However, first class often comes with a steep price tag, which makes it a costly investment for most people.

However, if you know where to look, it is possible to land first class flight deals. Here are some of the best tips and tricks of the trade for landing such money saving opportunities.

Check Your Credit Card Company

Do you have a travel credit card? Did you know some offer complimentary first/business class tickets on international flights? You just pay the taxes and the credit card company pays for the second companion ticket.

You’re basically getting half off your flight with this option. It’s only on a select number of credit cards, but it’s worth looking into. And if you don’t have one, maybe you should consider applying for one.

Airline Miles

Tickets for first class flights normally do not go on sale. This is because airlines want to regulate only those who will pay more to first class. Due to this, you may just need to save up airline miles to purchase the first class ticket. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a regular flyer to earn enough points.

Delta offers the ability to earn airline miles that never expire (all other airline mile programs expire annually). There are online shopping portals at Delta Shopping and you can earn miles on restaurant bills as well by associating your credit card on the Delta Skyline Miles website. It’s worth checking out.

At the Airport Upgrade

Interested in a first class upgrade? It’s not as difficult as you might think. This is because there are not all that many people who actually request it. They assume they’ll never get it. But how can you elevate yourself above the rest of the pack? First, arrive at the airport early.

It’s easier if you request the upgrade before others. Second, travel on your own. If your traveling with others this won’t work. And third, look the part. You’re not going to receive the upgrade in sweats and a tank top. Look like a business professional and you may receive the upgrade.

Check out the Website Secret Flying is one of the best websites dedicated to showcasing flight deals. And these are not just special deals. Most of the content listed here is ticket pricing errors. For example, someone entered in the price of a flight for $50.00 instead of $500.00.

You can’t be as picky about where you fly, but there are incredible deals on the site if you’re always checking. This includes first-class tickets. You’ll sometimes find first-class airfare for a fraction of the normal price. also has a Facebook page you can subscribe to, so when new deals occur you’ll see the latest posts.

Whether you’re tired of the cramped economy quarters or you’ve just always wanted to fly first class, there are ways to save money on the tickets. By following these different tips and tricks, you may just land a first class ticket at a great price.

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