When it comes to transporting groups of people, it is better to go for experienced and reputable limousine services available in Chicago. Chicago motor coach is a one among the reputed services in Chicago which can provide group transportation services for events, conventions, and even for airport. They also offer transportation services for school event, long distance trip, sporting event, wedding transportation, and even corporate event. For more information one can visit chicagomotorcoachinc.com.

Chicago motor coach is very popular in Illinois and is one among preferred choice when it comes to group transportation services. This service offers minibuses and coaches as per the client need. They are best in giving service with reliable and professional drivers. With huge modern fleet offered they are a go to service in this area for group transportation.

Why group transportation service?

It is always better to go for group transportation services like Chicago motor coach because otherwise one should spend time in deciding the reliable driver or sometimes arguing about negotiating the traffic.  Moreover one must also thing about parking fees which is a real pain. This can be a huge expenditure especially for bigger events. For more information and quote one can visit chicagomotorcoachinc.com.

In these cases if one chooses Chicago motor coach it is headache free and also affordable. They have 30+ years of experience in group transportation. So, for surrounding areas and mainly for Chicago they are well known and offer gold standard service when it comes to group transportation.

This motor service is convenient for everyone since they offer pickup from almost all locations in major Chicago suburbs. So, one can go for their minibuses, buses and coaches as per their needs. All the vehicles of the Chicago Motor coach are equipped with safety features which are needed for today’s world.

Along with these, the vehicles also come with PA systems, CD players, DVD players, and flat screen televisions. So, comfortable and stylish travel is assured by them. So, every minute of the group transportation is enjoyable with Chicago motor coach service.


Some of the services offered by Chicago motor coach are

  • Motor coach for 56 passengers
  • Executive coach bus for 40 passengers
  • Executive coach bus for 32 passengers
  • Executive mini coach bus for 28 passengers

Chicago motor coach offers custom made coaches which are designed mainly keeping in mind to impress the clients and to offer enjoyable ride. Among them, motor coaches can easily and comfortably fit 56 passengers. They come with TV monitor /DVD/VCR system. They also offer CD player and PA system. With these systems clear sound and great entertainment are guaranteed along with a comfortable ride.

The coaches are also equipped with onboard restrooms and because of this; it is possible to avoid frequent stops. Hence comfortable group transportation is guaranteed with Chicago motor coach service.

The mini buses offered by Chicago motor coach can fit 32 passengers comfortably. These buses are equipped with retractable seat belts to ensure safety. These also offer PA systems CD/DVD players to ensure first class entertainment. These mini buses are perfect for tours, local trips, and even for airport transports.