There is nothing more enjoyable than taking road trips in London. With its composed environment, peaceful surroundings and beautiful locations, UK offers an ideal place to go for road trips. With a car, you can easily exploit the beauty of a nation. The nation gives everyone the freedom to visit any place of his wish at the comfort of his car. Car hire and rental agencies are also available to ensure that even those new to the city get a chance to exploit the kingdom.

Here are some of the most frequented places and amazing road trips across the Kingdom.

· London to Brighton—though a few hours’ drive from one place to the other, this trip will expose you to the amazing countryside of Weald. From this countryside exposure, you will be enjoying the famous London-by-sea route at the south of Weald. This route will take you finally to Brighton. Just after the drive, you will have fun at shopping and hanging out at the town.

· Visiting the whisky galore in the Scottish highlands—this is a long journey that will give you an exciting experience. Covering a distance of about 400 miles, it might take you up to 4 days before you reach to the final destination. The whole trip might be one of your best in the whole of your life. Starting from Edinburgh through the Perth and finally to the south of the Pitlochry, you can take a rest before you wake up for another trip day. Travelling through the Grampian Mountains, glen Fiddich distillery in duff town and lastly visit glenlivet before you take home numerous bottles will furnish your trip with memorable events.

· The Cotswolds—this place has earned the liking of many celebrities due to its beauty. Of recent, it has become the home of various famous people. With a car, a trip to this place will definitely expose you to natural beauty. You will find yourself stopping at various place only to inhale the smooth flow on wind and beauty of the country side. The best thing with the roads to Cotswolds is that they never get too busy. You will be able to drive at your pace, and if need for any emergency be, you can reach to the town within two hours. A trip though the circular road will take you to the beautiful scene of indigenous Cotswold hill villages.

· Yorkshire—with its history in architecture and nightlife, this place is commonly referred to as the jewel in the crown of towns. It is the kind of destination you won’t like to miss. On your way from Malton, you can park your car by Pickering and enjoy the night there. Apart from the journey to Yorkshire moors, the surroundings are even more amazing. Reaching your destination, it is recommendable to drive to the Whitby village. At this village, you can visit the famous café by the name Magpie, famous for its traditional chips and fish.

Driving to all these locations will only be enjoyable and secure only if you are properly qualified in driving. You should consider going for a practical driving test to ensure that you really are qualified to drive to these locations safely.