Plenty of people save their pennies every month of the year in order to go on a relaxing holiday. In fact, a relaxing holiday can really serve to recharge the batteries and help families to communicate, connect, and learn new things. Sadly, all too often people tend to go to the same old holiday destinations because it is easy and safe. Of course, no one ever learned anything new by remaining safe and doing the conservative thing!

What Makes for a Good Holiday?

One might wonder what constitutes as a really good holiday, of course. It’s a good question, especially in this day and age where the rat race seems all too much and too stressful. In general, a really good holiday is made up of the following:

  • The chance to see and experience new things
  • The opportunity to stimulate the senses and one’s mind
  • Learning about new cultures and new things

We often associate a relaxing holiday with sitting around on the deck of a giant cruise ship, but the truth is much more nuanced than this. Really memorable holidays tend to challenge us in a variety of ways. They stimulate us just enough to make us learn about new things, but not enough to make us become too stressed out. In fact, this sort of holiday experience sounds very much like a cycling holiday from Hooked on cycling!

Why Go on a Cycling Holiday?

In recent years, holidays based on experiences have become very popular. In our technology-soaked world, being able to get away and seek new sources of mental, emotional, and physical stimulation are important to us. Even if only for a brief period of time, it’s important that we get away from and defeat the rat race.

Just imagine if you could ride around some of the most beautiful scenery in France, for instance, while also destressing and learning about new things. This is exactly what you can do on a modern cycling holiday. More specifically, cycling holidays are great because of the following reasons:

  • At your own pace: Even if you don’t have much cycling experience and you’re not a fitness enthusiast, the fact is that a cycling holiday doesn’t even have to be especially punishing. In fact, a cycling holiday can be tailored to suit your own pace and how you want to experience the environment. This means that if you want a leisurely daily ride through rural towns so that you can immerse yourself in a new country, you can have that. Likewise, if you are a fitness freak, you can go on a cycling holiday that is pretty physically demanding too.
  • Culture: Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to book a cycling holiday is because you can learn about a new culture by immersing yourself right in it! You can ride through towns, smell the food, and even stop for a bite and chat with the locals.

The best holidays are those that do challenge our sense of self and place us in situations where we can experience new things. In this way, a cycling holiday can be truly memorable!