Tasmania is a study in contrasts. From towering cliffs to peaceful forests Tasmania offers many sites and adventures for all travelers to experience. But what about adrenaline junkies andtravelers that crave more than just pretty scenery and history classes? Tasmania is chock full of adventures for adrenaline junkies so don’t despair. If you’re looking for thrills Tasmania is the perfect vacation getaway.

White Water Rafting in Tasmania

Tasmania offers some of the most challenging and exciting white water rafting opportunities for adrenaline junkies. Even the most experienced adventurer will find the Franklin River thrilling. As you raft you will see some of the most beautiful wild landscapes. As you pass through the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park make sure you take some time for sightseeing. The river has many tranquil spots where you can take in all the natural beauty, but hold onto your raft because the ride gets bumpy.

If you’re in the Hobart area be sure to check out the lower Picton into the Huon River. These rapids aren’t as wild as the ones on the Franklin, but just as enjoyable. You can hire a skilled guide and choose the rafting experience you are craving from full day to half day excursions.

Explore the Inky Deep with Cave Diving in Tasmania

Tasmania has some of the most exciting cave diving opportunities for experienced cave divers. Dive into the inky depths and explore some of the most spectacular natural caves in the world found only in Tasmania. Junne Resurgence and Dwarrowdelf are two of the most popular cave diving sites in Tasmania. Both sites present a challenge to even experienced divers. If you’re really looking for a cave diving rush, try starting at Dwarrowdelf and dive to Junee Resurgence. This dive is particularly challenging and is only for the most experienced divers.

Brave the Heights with Rock Climbing in Tasmania

For a different kind of adrenaline rush try your hand at rock climbing in Wellington Park. The Organ Pipes on Mount Wellington present a challenge for experienced climbers. Complex routes, steep climbing, and occasional loose rock make climbing a real adventure. Since the weather can change suddenly and without warning, be sure you pack enough gear including a head torch just in case your climb lasts longer than expected.

Table Mountain is the 51st highest peak in Tasmania and offers experienced climbers another great opportunity to explore the heights. Table Mountain is located not far from Bridgewater. The southwest facing dolemite cliff is a challenging 1,000 metres of climbing thrills. Another popular climbing site is the Lost World Area of Mount Arthur. The 1,100 metre climb is on the eastern side of Mount Arthur and is more sheltered than The Organ Pipes and not as susceptible to sudden weather changes, but still has plenty of excitement in store for adrenaline junkies.

Get Your Scare On at Port Arthur

When you think of adrenaline thrills you may think of bunji jumping or diving off cliffs, but another type of adrenaline rush awaits you at Port Arthur. Once the gates shut at night at the Port Arthur Historical site you will enter the world of the paranormal. With only lanterns to guide you, your guide will lead you into the most haunted UNESCO World Heritage listed formal penal colonies. Hear chilling tales of paranormal activity dating back to the 1800’s. You may even have an up close and personal ghostly experience of your own. If you survive the tour you will receive a Certificate of Bravery and Courage to remember your trip into this ghostly realm.

Tasmania is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies to get their fix. There are many sites to explore and experience in Tasmania. If you’re looking for thrills and excitement for your next holiday, consider taking a tip to Tasmania.